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Dural Tennis Courts

Looking for a fun and active way to improve your child’s tennis skills? Look no further than our Tennis NSW Accredited tennis camp!

At Dural Park Tennis we run school holiday camps for pupils aged 5 to 15 years. Our holiday camps provide children with the opportunity to gain experience and improve their tennis skills while having fun during school breaks or summer vacations. These camps typically run for 3-5 days and are conducted by our experienced tennis coaches.

The main goal of these camps is to provide children with a fun and engaging environment to learn and practice their tennis skills. The coaches often focus on developing the fundamental techniques of tennis, such as grip, footwork, and stroke production. They may also teach more advanced techniques such as serving, volleying, and strategy.

In addition to tennis instruction, tennis holiday camps may include other activities such as team-building exercises, games, and other sports.

Why should you enrol your child in our school holiday tennis camp?

The program is designed to suit all ability levels, from beginners to advanced players.
Players will be in divisions according to their level of skills.
We teach all tennis strokes, set play (singles & doubles), drills, and games.
Children will be well supervised at all times.
Players have the opportunity to play a mini tournament in all divisions.
Your child will make new friends, stay active and have lots of fun.

How to enrol?

Please call our office to make a booking. – 0419 279 039

Next holiday camp dates:

No October Camps