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Dural Tennis Courts

Tennis Australia’s Hot Shots program is designed for children aged 4-12, and it aims to introduce kids to the sport in a fun and accessible way. The program – run by certified coaches is divided into four stages, each one tailored to the child’s age and ability.

  1. Red stage: For children aged 5-8 years old, focusing on developing fundamental motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  2. Orange stage: For children aged 8-10 years old, introducing basic tennis skills and gameplay in a fun and supportive environment.
  3. Green stage: For children aged 10-12 years old, developing more advanced tennis skills and tactics and introducing them to a full-sized court.
  4. Yellow Stage: For children aged 12 years +, further refining tennis skills, and progression into competition and tournaments.

The Hot Shots program uses modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets, and special tennis balls: red, orange and green that are bigger in size than normal tennis balls, have less compression and are easier to hit and chase down.

By playing on a smaller court, kids can develop their skills and progress at their own pace. The program not only helps kids develop their physical abilities, but also their mental skills, such as coordination, speed, strength, and agility. Most importantly, Hot Shots is all about having fun while learning the game of tennis.

Why is tennis the perfect sport for kids?

Tennis is a great sport for kids to get involved in for a number of reasons.:

  • It is a fun way to stay active and healthy
  • It helps develop kids’ physical fitness and coordination
  • It is also a wonderful way to develop social skills, as kids can play with friends or join a team, learning how to communicate and work together towards a common goal.
  • Tennis can help to develop mental skills such as focus, concentration, and problem-solving, as players need to strategize and make quick decisions on the court.
  • Tennis is a sport that can be played throughout a person’s life, making it a valuable skill to learn and enjoy for years to come.


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