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Court status: 🎾✅ OPEN

Dural Tennis Courts

We run our adult tennis clinics as a group lesson for adults of varying skill levels.

The clinics are led by our qualified coaches. The focus of the clinic is to improve the participants’ tennis skills and techniques, while also providing a fun and social environment to play and practice.

Our clinics cater for players that are all levels of competition and social play. Each clinic group has four players, and they encompass technical, physical and tactical focus through game play.

We currently run adult clinics on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.30-11am. If you are not sure about what group level suits you, do not worry, we can put you in the most suitable group.

What are the benefits of joining our adult tennis clinic?

  • Improving skills: With the guidance of our experienced coaches, you can improve your tennis skills and techniques, including your serve, forehand, backhand, footwork and game play with a special focus on doubles technique.
  • Socialisation: Tennis clinics provide an opportunity to meet other tennis players and make new friends who share a common interest.
  • Fitness: Tennis is a physically demanding sport that can provide a great workout, improving cardiovascular health, coordination, and agility.
  • Stress relief: Tennis can also be a great way to relieve stress and improve mental health by getting outside, getting some exercise, and focusing on a fun activity.

All ages and levels are welcome.



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